Monday, July 12, 2010

Hey, guys! Well, it's official: 'Virgin Alexander' is finished filming and will soon be entering the editing process! I'm sorry I haven't blogged until now, but the last few days on the set were pretty busy and I flew right back to Vegas the day after we finished filming.

I have to say, it was pretty sad, doing the last day of shooting for the film. We were at this beautiful bank on Broadway Avenue (the same Broadway that runs through NYC). As each scene was finished, another character was 'wrapped' from filming: My friend in the movie 'Clif', played by Patrick Zeller, my nemesis 'Bim', played by Bronson Pinchot and of course my co-star 'Ruby' played by Paige Howard. It was pretty emotional, as each of us knew that we had no more scenes to film together and this great experience was coming to an end.
Eventually, I was the last one left. My last shot was that of me running down the street and into the bank, trying to get to an appointment on time. On the very last take, I knew, right after I had finished, that we would not be doing another one. As I entered the bank, I knew that I had just completed my first lead role in a feature film. It was sad and joyful at the same time. When I came back outside, our co-director, Sean Fallon, announced that that was a wrap for Rick Faugno and a wrap for 'Virgin Alexander.' Everyone began to applaud and hugs and pictures happened all around. It was really a great feeling; especially, to be on a busy street where all kinds of strangers were sharing in this moment that we had been working towards for three weeks.

That night (this past Saturday) we all went to a bar and celebrated. I realized that I had developed some wonderful friendships that I hope will last for a long time to come. I know three weeks doesn't sound like a lot, but when you're doing 12 hour days with the same people, day after day, you inevitably establish bonds. In this particular case, we were all lucky enough to have fabulous people in every respect. I think that we all knew that we were a part of something special and that we were all just along for the ride. There was a sense of team spirit that you don't always encounter in this business. No one was out for themselves. We were dedicated to making this a great movie; and I would like to think that we have succeeded in doing so.

Returning to Jersey Boys last night was quite a transition. I finished the film on Saturday evening, celebrated with our cast and crew and then Joyce and I got on a 7AM flight from Albany to Newark. From there, we took a 9 o'clock flight to Vegas and arrived at 11:30. We got back home around 1, unpacked, rested a bit and then I started my warm up for the show. It was a 24 hour turn-around unlike any other I have experienced. To go from the introverted kind of character I was playing for three weeks and to go from the stillness and quietness of film, back to Frankie Valli and the loudness and broadness of live theatre, is a trip that no drug can give you. I had to remind myself that I wasn't on a movie set where no one would be calling 'Action!' or 'Cut!'. It made me realize how much I love both mediums, stage and film and that I want to continue doing both for as long as I can. You get something from one that you can't get from the other. Perhaps that was the reason I was back in Jersey Boys so quickly. It made me appreciate how much I enjoy performing on any level and in any element.

Ok, well, now that I'm back home, I have to actually go out and get things done, again, so that's what I'm gonna do right now! Thanks for reading my blog, the past three weeks and I will continue to update it when newsworthy things happen here, too!

Talk soon,


P.S. The pics on top are of me and PJ in our infamous scrap hauling uniforms. I will post more pictures from the film when I get them.

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