Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hello, folks! Well, we're in the home stretch, here in Saratoga. We have three more days of filming and then the editing process begins. I won't be editing anything, of course, but our directors, Charlotte and Sean, will be. Writing, directing and editing....I think that deserves an award in itself!

Bronson Pinchot arrived on July 4th, as I mentioned and he has been a lot of fun to have around. From the little that I've seen him do, I think you're really going to enjoy his performance. He's taking his character to a place that's just right for this movie. I can't wait to see people's reactions when they see him in this light! Also, he has some great show biz stories. It's fun to just sit around and listen to him talk about the people he's worked with. It's quite amazing.

The location this week has been primarily at a Mexican restaurant, just down the street from Alexander's house. It's a quaint little place, owned by a former jockey and his wife. Bronson's character, Bim, has recently changed the Mexican restaurant into a pizza place, which is a front for his prostitution ring. Need I really say more? Well, I could, but it's too good to give any more away.

Today, I was again wielding a baseball bat, only this time, I was running down the street with a whole group of people behind me. It's been around 100 degrees here, as of late and I was soaked instantly. It was really fun, though, to be running after the woman my character loves and to get to be the hero. It's a nice feeling.

On a side note: I had the day off from filming, yesterday and our host, Jim Doyle, took myself and Joyce and some other cast members to Stewart's Pond to go swimming. It's a tributary that flows into the Hudson River. It was absolutely spectacular. It was the most beautiful lake I've ever swam in. We swam maybe a quarter of a mile, from one side to the other, to do some rope swinging off of a huge platform. We then swam back to the side we started from and saw a bald eagle standing above its nest. Luckily, we got to see it through a telephoto lens that a photographer had, who just happened to be there at the same time we were. It was a really outstanding afternoon!

Alright, well, I'm off to bed for another big day of filming. I will keep you guys updated as we wrap things up.

Talk to you all soon!


P.S. The two shots above are of PJ in the interrogation room and me in the auditorium, getting ready to perform my piano piece. Ha! I can't believe I actually said "my piano piece."

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