Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hello, again, my cyber friends! Well, we just finished a very successful first week of shooting, here in Saratoga Springs, NY. I'm very proud of what our cast and crew have done with this film, so far and I am very confident that the final outcome will be truly great. Everyone has really stepped up their game.

For most of the week, we were in Alexander's house. It is a house that was built in 1824 and is pretty cramped and steamy (that's right, no A/C!) At any given time, there are probably 25+ people inside, each doing their separate jobs. You have the cinematographers, lighting, art directors, costume designers, make-up artists, sound, production coordinators, Director's assistant, writers and directors and of course, actors. Did I leave anyone out? You get the picture, I'm sure. Crowded is an understatement! Everyone has gotten to know each other quite well, at this point!

I don't think, though, that a better location could have been picked. This house just has the right feel for the kind of story that this movie is about. It captures the essence of the characters and it really has a life of its own. There is so much history attached to it, that it has really brought something out of everyone. I think that will come across when you see the film. I mean, Andrew Jackson was President when it was built!

Tomorrow, a much deserved day off for everyone!

Here's a pic of PJ and I in the only clothes we have lived in all week. They're smellin' mighty sweet about now!


  1. Rick,
    We are going to miss you on the daytime Emmy's

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  3. Hey Rick! As it turns out, I'm your third cousin!! I'm Claire and Nick's grandson. I'm Tyler. Can't believe I'm related to a famous person! Good luck!